Public City Rooms


A city _ Seoul, the soul of a country, is the dynamic political, financial, educational and cultural hub of South Korea. In Seoul nothing looks permanent, is a city that completelyrebuilds itself every decade. 

For Seoul the future has already arrived but the past has not been completely exterminated, Seoul´s World Heritage places, royal shrines and neighbourhoods of hanok, the traditional Korean one-story wooden houses with tiled roofs has miraculously survived the Korean War and the rush of modernization.

Seoul is an active city, street by street, a melting of history and modernity. This is the land of the morning calm, the energetic city of Seoul.

Area _ Seokgye is a train-overground and bus station situated in northeast of Seoul. It is a busy and active area where everything is in movement. There is not time or an adequate space to have the excuse to be just there. It is an area that needs more enclosed space within the space, quiet and green areas to make Seokgye a pleasant area to be able to stay there, not to just run through.

Project _ Public City Rooms is the design of a private-domestic space for the community within the public space. Each room has different features and accommodates different needs. These eight proportioned volumes are independent from each other, but connected by the spaces in between or inner courtyards open to the flood bank. The bridge and the detailed design of the pavement help to define a space on its own and create a sense of domesticity in a public space.

The intention is to bring the interior to the exterior. It is to create a pleasant and domestic feeling not only in the interior os the rooms, also in the spaces in between them. It is a new space for the community, a space to bring calmness and serenity to the busy and active area of Seokgye.